Training is available to companies, institutions and individuals interested in the development of personal skills.

Below is a description of the training examples:

Effective communication

- Improvement of interpersonal skills

- Improves effectiveness of work which is dependent on good working relationships with colleagues

- Improves both written and verbal communication

Resolving conflicts

- To learn how to handle difficult disputes 

- Improves the ability to express constructive criticism

- Controls the impact of emotion on the process of arriving at an agreement


- To learn how to conduct and control a meeting

- To learn how to carry out product presentations

- Improves public speaking confidence

- To learn effective methods of presentation

Auto effectiveness

-To change and improve your self-image

- To leave a skilful impression on others

Creative thinking

- Improves use imagination in the work place

- Expands capacity to generate new original ideas

- Breaks the inhibition associated with creative expression.

Problem solving

- For existing teams, in order to facilitate their task

- For start-up teams after training after the integration training

- The team members, for whom it is important to the ability of creative teamwork

Stress management

- Find effective ways to reduce tension and counteract the negative effects of stress, seeking "inner balance"

- Especially recommended to those working under considerable pressure, which are exposed to the disorganization of the influence of too much emotional tension

Team building

- Improves functionality of a workforce in existing or new businesses

- Increase the efficiency of team work and the awareness of being in a group and a sense of common purpose.

Personal and professional development

- For those seeking more satisfaction with private life and professional

- Creation of personal goals in order to manage their own development.